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Loudspeaker Comparator 4 stereo

The LSC4S is a 4-channel stereo loudspeaker comparator to compare the quality of up to 4 different loudspeaker pairs. LSC4S is the perfect sales tool to convince your customers as it is very compact what allows doing a speaker comparison in your showroom or when doing a customer visit. You only need to take one unit with you and connect at location the loudspeakers you want to compare.

The ability for the human brain to remember a previous sound is exceptionally short. Therefore with the ability to instantly access a comparison of products without the need to plug and unplug loudspeakers, your customers will be able to make an educated choice with a clear recollection of performance of the loudspeakers. This allows to hear easily the quality difference between multiple loudspeakers.

Furthermore LSC4S is very user-friendly as it can be controlled via any mobile device or computer that has a web browser installed. The unit has a built-in web server and WiFi Access Point what means you don't need to make a connection to a local network. In just 4 steps you are able to set up your loudspeaker comparison system:

1. Connect the loudspeakers to the LSC4S
2. Scan your WiFi networks for the SSID 'LSC4S'
3. Insert the requested password
4. Browse to '' to open the GUI and you are ready to control the comparator.

LSC4S is equipped with 4 stereo class-D amplified outputs and 2 stereo line inputs for source connection (preferably a CD player with highest quality).
We have already prepared a perfect demo CD which is available on request (please ask your Apart Advisor).

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19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting yes height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 1 U
depth (build in) 316 mm power supply switching mode power supply
power consumption (max) 150 watts zone outputs 4 stereo
signal to noise level SNR (dB) 98 dB @ 1 % THD, 1 kHz line input unbalanced 2
applicable in 100V no applicable low impedance yes
minimum impedance load 6 ohms Net weight product (kg) 4.1
No accessories
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