Fitness Center - On-wall (450 m² - 750 m²)
This fitness center is installed with MASK design cabinet loudspeakers to provide background music and paging for the entire building. Because more bass is needed in the spinning and aerobics areas, a combination of MASK8 and SUB2400 subwoofers is proposed in this application. The MA247 mixing amplifier allows separate paging and volume control for all 6 zones.

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equipment list
(K) Cable 1.3m 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to 2x RCA female
(F) Cable 1.5m RCA to RCA
Sports & Leisure
  • An excellent value for money sound system that can assure background music and paging for the entire building

    Separate sound systems for louder music in the spinning/aerobics area

    6 zones, separate paging and volume control per zone

    Background music throughout the building, prominent in the bar

    Music from radio, CD, MP3 player

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