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Gym & Wellness - Veli Losinj, Croatia
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Vitality Hotel Punta is situated in a great location close to the sea, close to the centuries-old harbor of Veli Losinj. The specialty of the hotel is a specially designed content vitality zone that applies to indoor and outdoor pool with sundeck, relax area, wellness and beauty, gyms and pilates. The Apart AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is the heart of the sound system of the hotel in combination with the REVAMP1680 power amplifier.

In the swimming pool area the CONCEPT1T amplifier in combination with CMX20T ceiling speakers are the perfect match to create the relaxing atmosphere that was needed. During the gym and pilates sessions more powerful music is needed: here also the CONCEPT1T with CMX20T have been installed but has been expanded with MASK6T cabinet loudspeakers for more powerful vibes to motivate people in the gym. 

In case you need more information about this Apart project, please contact us!

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