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La plage casanis - Marbella, Spain
Foodservice & Hospitality
After a comprehensive refurbishment process carried out by the new owner of this legendary restaurant on the Costa del Sol, "La Plage Casanis" reopened in June 2016. "La Plage Casanis" is a restaurant located in Marbella, one of the most important tourist cities of Spain. This restaurant / beach bar has been open for more than 40 years and is a reference in the area. Well-known for its fresh seafood dishes and cocktails on the beach, large tables and chairs facing the dunes of Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea. To withstand the wet and corrosive environment of the sea more than 20 MASK6 loudspeakers were installed outdoors and inside. For the bigger area four MASK8 were used, in the kitchen three fireproof CM6TSMF loudspeakers were installed. To enhance performance at low frequencies two subwoofers Apart SUB2201 were added. The complete 4 zone system is controlled by one Apart ZONE4 preamplifier and powered by three REVAMP2600 amplifiers.
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