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Mosque Al-Rajhi - Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
Education & Religion

Mosque Al-Rajhi in Buraydah has been equipped with a new sound reinforcement system from Apart Audio. The new system was supplied and installed with the aim of providing full coverage with a natural sound to compliment the worship environment.
The system installed consists of 74 MASK6T-BL speakers and 14 MASK8-BL cabinets powered by eight CHAMP-4 amplifiers. The MASK6 loudspeakers were installed on the internal columns of the mosque to give a distributed sound, while the MASK8 loudspeakers were fitted in the higher ceiling areas.

The main concern faced during the one week project was with the speaker placement. The difficult acoustic environment made finding the appropriate speaker locations to maximise coverage a challenge. The installer was able to overcome this issue and the mosque is reportedly happy with the results. According to the manufacturer, there has been ‘full acceptance of the more natural sound by the worshipers and an increased ease of use for the customer’.

In case you need more information about this Apart project, please contact us!

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