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Oakley O Store - Sydney, Australia

In December 2013 Oakley announced the most recent opening of a flagship "O Store" in Bondi NSW with a “ground up” build and a corresponding Apart audio system to match. The introduction of quality “commercial” audio technologies has certainly helped to contribute to the thorough approach the group takes to retail spaces.
Having had some fairly negative experiences with more consumer oriented audio products in the past, Josh decided to take the plunge and implement audio products that were specific to the demands of retail spaces and the hours and stress that can be placed on electronics in an active and thriving retail location. 

Josh Williams: “Using Apart has allowed us to custom design systems for each space we encounter. The retail areas that we currently use vary enormously from site to site and retaining the Oakley look is always a challenge.  Having a quality flexible audio solution at a good price is always going to help contribute to the success of a well-regarded concept store. Apart is certainly filling the stores with reliable, affordable quality sound without diminishing the style and atmosphere of retail design.”

The system was custom designed for the new O store space & consist of the following Apart equipment: CHAMP-3D, MASK4T-BL, CMX20T-BL and SUBLIME-BL.

In case you need more information about this Apart project, please contact us!

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