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Wilvo Yamaha - Bergeijk, Netherlands

Wilvo Metaalbewerking has recently established two locations in Bergeijk, Brabant in The Netherlands. Here you can find the Wilvo office and the accommodation for the Wilvo Yamaha Racing Team. This team competes in the royal class of motocross, the MXGP. Installation partner Backline AV was allowed to provide Wilvo's new building with new audiovisual system, part of this solution is a fantastic audio system for the company industrial area, office, canteen, recreation area and fitness room.

The industrial area at the new location is used for the Yamaha Racing Team. In this area the engines of the 3 drivers are prepared for the next race. A team of 10 people works on the bikes here. The new audio system in the industrial area provides the necessary motivation and positive energy. While a lot of hard work is being done, the latest music is heard through the loudspeakers and there is a lot of laughter at DJs on Radio 2, Veronica or Radio 538.

But not only the Wilvo industrial hall is equipped with background music. The other rooms such as the office, canteen, recreation area and fitness room also have their own audio system. A radio station can be selected in the rooms via the DIWAC wall control panel. The volume in the room can also be turned up or down allowing the employees to perfectly determine the atmosphere in their own room as required.

The audio system in the industrial area consists of four clusters of Apart MASK6T loudspeakers uisng the MASKW bracket. These brackets are hung high in the industrial area on steel cables. The big advantage of this is that an enormous broad radiation of the music is achieved, which covers a large area of ​​the industrial area.

The selected speakers in the cluster are of the MASK6T type, which has been optimized to achieve maximum intelligibility. The emphasis of the MASK range is the mid and high tones which allows vocals and melodies to come into their own. The speakers are also IP65 rated and are therefore ideal for use in an industrial building environment.

In the Netherlands, the business community enjoys fantastic internet connectivity which means that internet radio is very popular. Thousands of radio stations can be listened to without interference. Only a limited bandwidth is used and moreover the radio channel can be selected with an app. Many benefits compared to the old FM systems..

At Wilvo people get it. Music provides a very pleasant working atmosphere, but in a controlled manner. The construction radios with different channels and volume levels are really a thing of the past and have made way for a multi-zone audio system. The right speakers are placed in every room to match their need. There are no longer irritations about the volume level and no more discussions about the channel.

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